Eye Candy: Vorsteiner Takes to the M3 and M5

If every car looked the same, the world would be pretty bleak. That's why we have the aftermarket, where various suppliers bring you parts to customize your rides and make it truly unique to your tastes. There are a plethora of reputable tuners and aftermarket suppliers for BMW, but Vorsteiner has been providing bodykits and wheels for exotic cars for over a decade now.

Now to be confused with Warsteiner (the beer brand which became nearly synonymous with race-going E30 M3s), Vorsteiner is based out of North America and specializes in these various aesthetic pieces. Here they've taken an F10 M5 and an F80 M3 and kitted the cars out with their flow-forged wheels and trim accessories.

The M5 receives 20x8.5J wheels at the front and 20x10.5J wheels at the rear. This is interesting because Vorsteiner V-FF 105 wheels are half an inch narrower at the front and half an inch wider at the rear than the standard 20-inch M5 wheels. Whether this makes an impact on handling is yet to be seen, although the F10 M5 could always benefit from more traction at the rear.

On the other hand, the M3 gets more than just wheels. A new diffuser and low profile spoiler have been installed, along with a front splitter as well. The wheels on this model are the V-FF 103, again 20x8.5J up front and 20x10.5J round back. In comparison, these wheels are half an inch narrower at the front and an inch and a half wider at the rear. The fitment looks spot on in this sizing, and instantly makes the F80 M3 look a far sight more aggressive.