Be Musically Driven By The Peugeot Fractal

Apart from the roaring sound of your engine, a car driver knows how important music enhances their driving experience. Whether it's rock, EDM, pop or classical that pumps your blood, we cannot deny that we want to drive in an environment that we are comfortable with.

Sound is an important element in our surroundings. Each beat in a symphony or rhythm in its arrangement holds a cognition of emotions which sends chills to the core of your bones. Understanding this, Peugeot planned to introduce its Peugeot Fractal in the coming 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show which will be held from Sept 17 to 27. Described as an urban coupe, which explores the sense of hearing to make driving an even more instinctive interest that would develop in an unparalleled on-board experience, the car is set-up with with 13 speakers with tactile bass systems built into the back of each seat and its prominent i-Cockpit is characterised by the ‘spatialisation’ and ‘dynamisation’ of sound.

"The simultaneous launches of the ‘8’ range and the Peugeot i-Cockpit® gave fresh impetus to the Brand. The Peugeot i-Cockpit® is a distinguishing feature of our vehicles. It transforms the driving experience, making it more instinctive, and amplifies driving sensations," said Peugeot Brand Chief Executive Officer Maxime Picat.

A first time collaboration with electronic music producer, Amon Tobin, the car transcends the traditional method of a vehicle developments by incorporating the Fractal's interior trim surfaces with 80% of 3D-printed parts and using materials that are commonly found in recording studios. 
"Peugeot Fractal is the fruit of collaboration between artists exploring new horizons. We worked with the designers to pool our resources of inspiration. The style is inspired by the sound, and my design draws on the Peugeot Fractal's looks and materials," said Tobin.