Five Foreign Automakers Applied To Start Local Assembly In Malaysia

By Seow Yaohan | September 15, 2010
Five Foreign Automakers Applied To Start Local Assembly In Malaysia

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) has revealed that it is currently evaluating applications from five foreign automotive players interested in setting up assembly plants in Malaysia, and that the final outcomes of whether they are eligible for manufacturing licences will be announced in a few months.

“There are lots of interest from India, China, Japan and South Korea”, MIDA CEO Datuk Jalilah Baba said. “The foreign players embrace green technology and will be assembling mainly electric and hybrid cars and some conventional cars”.

Jalilah added that the five applications proposed assembling cars with engine capacity above and below 1800 cc, although she pointed out that the revised 2010 National Automotive Policy (NAP) explicitly says that foreign automakers, in order to qualify for the manufacturing licence, are only allowed to assemble cars of 1800 cc or more.

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