Perodua Alza Test Drive & Full Review

By Seow Yaohan | May 10, 2010
Perodua Alza Test Drive & Full Review

Marketed as Car one moment, MPV the next, Perodua Alza represents more than Perodua's latest model and only MPV; The Alza is eagerly anticipated by Malaysians looking forward to a relatively affordable seven-seater alternative to the Proton Exora MPV. Perodua's marketing literature suggests that the Alza can be both car and MPV. But realistically, the Alza is a 5+2, and should be used as a car most of the time and as an MPV a fraction of that time. Perodua clearly understands that, and has positioned the Alza as a larger, more versatile Myvi, instead of as a direct rival to the full-size Exora MPV.

With that in mind, the Alza makes a lot of sense. Put it simply, Perodua took all the positives—including a neat look, easy-to-drive manners, hardy mechanicals, adequate performance and affordable running costs—from the Myvi, and put everything in a larger package. So, while the Alza is not likely to match the astounding success of the Myvi by virtue of its positioning and pricing, it is obvious that Perodua has yet another winner on their hands. Read the full review of Perodua Alza.

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