2013 All-New Kia Rio Launched in Malaysia for RM73K

By Chris Aaron | January 31, 2013
2013 All-New Kia Rio Launched in Malaysia for RM73K

The much-awaited 2013 all-new Kia Rio 1.4-litre is finally here to enter Malaysia’s B-Segment market, and how it looks like an amazing package to be had.

For the longest time we’ve been hazarding guesses within the RM70k region for a Kia Rio, and finally we can confirm the car at RM73,888 for the EX variant, and RM 79,888 for the SX.

What you get for that price is very impressive. The Kia Rio has a long range of standard equipment that’s typically unseen in B-Segment cars. Here’s the scoop…

2013 Kia Rio Launch Event

Performance: Maximised efficiency

Of the six available worldwide, the engine that Malaysians will get in their Kia Rio is the Gamma 1.4 MPI CVVT. Paired with a four-speed automatic transmission, performance figures for the new Rio get up to 109PS, 138Nm of torque and a 6 litres/100km fuel consumption; decent power, even better fuel economy.

The four-speed auto transmission has the option for manual sequential shifts (great for further improving fuel economy/ managing power on demand).

Fuel consumption is also further reduced by the car’s aerodynamics which have been wind-tunnel tested and tuned for minimum resistance and noise (0.32cd).

2013 Kia Rio Launch Event

Exterior styling: Nothing we don’t already know, but all still stunning

On the outside, you get LED daytime running lights, bending headlamps, electric folding mirrors, LED side repeaters, a sunroof (!), and really sporty 17-inch alloy wheels (SX model) to name a few.

Personally, we think the Kia Rio looks great. The Kia signature ‘Tiger Nose’ front grille starts us off looking down one very handsome car; muscular, dynamic, athletic and most importantly, fun!

2013 Kia Rio Launch Event

Interior design: Practical, user-friendly, fun everywhere you go

Interior styling and equipment is very impressive; everything looks good and serves better purposes. You have a tilt and telescopic steering wheel that houses all your audio controls, a clever trip computer to monitor all your driving habits and provincially improve fuel-efficiency. You also get Bluetooth® connectivity for you to stream music or make phone calls hands-free.

There is also an exciting Arkamys audio system which has been specifically acoustically tuned for the Kia Rio; USB, AUX and iPod connectivity are all available.

The Kia Rio comes with an abundance of storage space cleverly located throughout the car; glove box, centre console trays, door panels. If that doesn’t do it, larger items will easily fit in the boot or drop your 60:40 split folding rear seats for even more space.

2013 Kia Rio Launch Event

Safety: Cleverly without compromise

Motor-Driven Power Steering (MPDS) is speed sensitive; loosens up when your parking, stiffens at highway speeds – and saves you about 3% of fuel from removing the hydraulic operation.

Larger brake discs have been used as well, serving two purposes; firstly to maintain good braking performance even with larger 17-inch alloys, and secondly to just look pretty good.

The usual list of electronic aids make their way into the Kia Rio (ESC, Traction Control, Brake Assist, ABS), but one stands out; the Electronic Brake Force Distribution. With information delivered to the ECU from sensors around the car, the EBD-ABS system modifies brake force distribution based on the weight inside the vehicle, improving steering capabilities during sudden braking situations.

6 airbags are included (driver, passenger, side and curtain), along with safety windows that don’t snap your fingers off if forget to take it out (anti-pinching technology) (for driver side and sunroof only) while ISOFIX seats allow you to lock in child seats with a lot more security.


Most importantly of all, the 2013 Kia Rio looks great. It’s fun, it’ll turn heads, and its trendy. Initial concerns are that it might be a little down on power with just 109PS, but we’ll only know once we’ve tried it.

On the inside, things look very up. There’s an abundance of safety features, the Arkamys audio system is great, there’s lots of comfort and convenience and it feels good to be in.

Now to get on with a test drive… Or have we already? Look out for this on LIVE LIFE DRIVE very shortly.

SPECS: 2013 Kia Rio

Price: RM73,888 (EX), RM79,888 (SX) OTR
Engine: GAMMA 1.4-litre MPI CVVT
Transmission: 4-speed automatic (manual sequential paddle shifts)
Performance: 109PS, 138Nm of torque
Consumption: 6 litres/100km

2013 Kia Rio Launch Event

2013 Kia Rio Launch Event Gallery (32 Photos)

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