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Chris Aaron | September 15, 2014
Get in folks, here is the all-new 2014 Perodua Axia, launched in Malaysia, as the country’s first Energy Efficient Vehicle. We’ve pretty much uncovered almost everything you need to know about the car already (here, here, and here), and if you’ve missed it recently, you can also check ...
Lingkesh | September 15, 2014
The all-new 2014 Perodua Axia has been launched in Malaysia, with a starting price of RM24,600. The four-door hatchback from Perodua will become the cheapest car on sale here. The new Axia comes in four variants – Standard E, Standard G, SE and Advanced. Here’s a quick look at each ...
Gerard | September 15, 2014
With the all-new Perodua Axia being launched today, the buzz surrounding it largely gravitates towards the highly-affordable entry level price of its base model, at only RM24,600. Normally, we don’t recommend splurging on base models just because they’re cheap – important safety features, amongst other ...
Lingkesh | September 15, 2014
Price is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when buying a new car – even more so if you’re a college student or a fresh graduate with the demand for a top car, but not the means (money) for one! In general, cars today pack ...
Chris Aaron | September 15, 2014
In a matter of hours, Perodua will launch its all-new 2014 Axia: a car that will soon become the nation’s most affordable car, replacing its own Viva for the title. But before we get to the details of that (not like you don’t know about it already), the local ...
Hans | September 15, 2014
Perodua is set to launch its all-new A-segment model, the Axia later tonight. To recap, the Axia will eventually replace the Viva. The base model Viva 660 and 850 are likely to be sold in parallel with the 1-litre Axia for few more years. Key ...
Lingkesh | August 28, 2014
The Association of Southeast Asian Countries New Car Assessment Program (ASEAN NCAP) has announced the crash test results of four models for the third quarter of 2014. The four models that were tested by ASEAN ANCAP this round, are the upcoming Perodua Axia, the 2014 Honda ...
Chris Aaron | August 19, 2014
When the all-new 2014 Perodua Axia goes on sale in a matter of weeks from now, Malaysia’s No.1 carmaker will be looking to sell a total of 7,500 units a month! And here to eventually replace the popular Perodua Viva as the most affordable car ...
Chris Aaron | August 18, 2014
We’ve been following the 2014 Perodua Axia’s launch impending launch for some time now, and as we get closer and closer to its official unveiling, Perodua themselves appear a little eager to get as much information out to the public as soon as possible. Recently, the ...
Hans | August 14, 2014
By now you would've read our earlier story regarding Perodua's official announcement for its latest Axia model, which will eventually replace the Viva model. Today, before bookings properly open at Perodua showrooms nationwide, a leaked image showing the full list of estimated prices for the ...
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