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Bill Khairi | June 19, 2013
Fiat has recently revealed its small minivan – the 2013 Fiat 500L Living, which ultimately expands Fiat’s 500L range. The new Fiat 500L Living is set to go on sale for the European market as early as next month. ...
| June 26, 2012
The beautiful Alfa Romeo 159, successor to the 156 which once saved the enigmatic brand, finally met its demise a few months back in September 2011. The 159 was designed to best the virtues of the king of premium sports sedan. Using the designs from ...
Seow Yaohan | February 3, 2012
This is the 2013 Fiat 500L, the fourth all-new member to the Fiat 500 family that now includes the Abarth and Cabrio versions. The “L” in 500L stands for “large”, and indeed, measuring 4140 mm long, 1780 mm wide and 1660 ...
Seow Yaohan | December 28, 2010
We have seen too many of the good old-fashioned car launches and the occasional celebrity endorsements, like how Proton Cars Australia (PCA) has employed the current Miss Universe Australia to spearhead its marketing efforts. Even as the cars become more innovative, their ...
Seow Yaohan | June 30, 2009
This is what advertising is about. Fiat's advertising campaign for the 500 gets the message across about 500's safety and environmental credentials, raises environmental concerns and could even put a smile on your face (the cute panda in the arguably cuter 500, that is, not ...
Seow Yaohan | June 29, 2009
Fiat is on a roll. In addition to the high-profile merger with Chrysler to created an automotive giant, Fiat is enjoying excellent sales. For the first time in the Italian automaker's long history, sales of one of its model is better outside of Italy than ...
Seow Yaohan | June 11, 2009
By now most if not all of you should have heard of the Fiat and Chrysler merger. But how about this: both Fiat and Chrysler have taken the last two spots in the UK JD Power survey. The English are notoriously known for their fussiness ...

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