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Daniel Wong | April 13, 2015
Recently the Milanese automaker has announced that they will produce two new engines, a ‘high-output four-cylinder’ and ‘Ferrari-derived six-cylinder’ engine, at their plant in Termoli, which will be amongst their five planned engines that will go into a new rear-wheel drive platform that will be used ...
Bill Khairi | May 26, 2014
MINI showed off its latest concept, the Superleggera Vision, at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2014 last weekend, showcasing a design collaboration between MINI and Touring Superleggera – a coach building company that penned the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante. ...
Lingkesh | August 5, 2013
Fiat, the parent company of Alfa Romeo and Mazda, has released details surrounding the next-gen Mazda MX-5 and Alfa Romeo Spider convertible. The Alfa Romeo sports car will be built in Mazda’s plant in Hiroshima, Japan, alongside the MX-5. The two cars will be differentiated ...
Bill Khairi | July 31, 2013
Alfa Romeo is set to replace the out-of-production 159 with an all-new model; the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The BMW 3-series-rivalling sedan is set for release in 2014 with the expected prices starting from £22,000. The new Alfa Romeo Giulia will be the first model to ...
Daniel Wong | May 7, 2013
Every car manufacturer are quickly catching on to the trend of deriving new SUV models from their passenger car platforms, and Alfa Romeo is set to take a step away from their staple hatchback and sedan models to launch its first SUV model by 2015. A ...
Bill Khairi | March 7, 2013
Make way for another Italian debut. The 2013 Alfa Romeo 4C ‘Launch Edition’ just made its debut at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show—in its full production form, and limited to just 1,000 units. As announced by Alfa Romeo, the Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition will be ...
| June 26, 2012
The beautiful Alfa Romeo 159, successor to the 156 which once saved the enigmatic brand, finally met its demise a few months back in September 2011. The 159 was designed to best the virtues of the king of premium sports sedan. Using the designs from ...
Seow Yaohan | May 11, 2012
Sime Darby Auto Italia, the official distributor of the Alfa Romeo brand, has launched the Alfa Romeo Giulietta in Malaysia. The successor to the 147 which was discontinued a few years back, the five-door Giulietta hatchback is the Italian car maker's answer ...
Seow Yaohan | September 21, 2011
Alfa Romeo creates automotive art, and the stunning 4C Concept falls into that category again. Yes, it is still a concept and not the production-ready version of the 4C, a mid-engined, two-seater sports car that would be launched in ...
Seow Yaohan | August 21, 2010
Proof that automotive spies are everywhere: the 2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta was caught on camera not by a professional auto-spy, but by a fellow car lover in Livigno, northern Italy. Of course, we can not be sure that the guy knew he ...
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