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Hans | July 25, 2014
Fuji Heavy Industries, which owns Subaru, has announced that it will be introducing an all-new sports sedan for the Japanese market called the WRX S4, come August 25 this year. ...
Lingkesh | July 25, 2014
After numerous speculations and rumours, it’s official now that a new ultra-luxurious sedan from Aston Martin will wear the famous Lagonda nameplate. The new model features a sleek shape and styling that is inspired by its two-door siblings. Aston Martin has confirmed that the super sedan ...
Hans | July 23, 2014
Proton has quietly slipped in a teaser for its upcoming B-segment hatchback, commonly referred to as the Global Small Car (GSC) or by its development code P2-30A, in its Hari Raya celebrations video. ...
Hans | July 21, 2014
Last month, we published a set of spyshots of what appeared to be the next-generation all-new 2016 Toyota Hilux. We now have another set of spyshots of the Hilux's two remaining sister-models - the Fortuner and the Innova. ...
Bill Khairi | July 17, 2014
Following a video teaser released last week, Daimler’s Smart has finally revealed its two all-new models: the ForTwo and the ForFour, which feature a refreshed designs, revised powertrains, and a host of new features. The German city cars are set to launch in Europe sometime ...
Lingkesh | July 14, 2014
In an interview with Australian motoring website, Drive, Mitsubishi Australia’s marketing director Antonio Principe has indicated that the next-gen Triton will have better features and car-like dynamics. The forthcoming Japanese workhorse will follow the footsteps of the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado and the recently unveiled 2015 ...
Bill Khairi | July 10, 2014
Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has released more details about its new family of low-friction, and high-performance four-cylinder engines, known as the Ingenium range, which will go into production beginning early 2015. ...
Lingkesh | July 9, 2014
A short test drive video of the Mazda 2 prototype done by has revealed the next-gen Japanese city car interior in full. The Australian media got the opportunity to test the prototype at the Mazda’s Mine Proving Ground in Japan. The exterior of the smallest ...
Daniel Wong | July 8, 2014
Moving away from promises of luxury, Volvo has revealed that the XC90 will feature a range-topping variant known as the “Twin Engine” under the “T8” badge.  As the name suggests, the T8 variant will derive its thrust from two power sources, a 2-litre 4-cylinder twincharged ...
Lingkesh | July 8, 2014
Daimler’s uber-luxury Maybach brand ceased operation in late 2012, but in recent times there were rumours that Mercedes-Benz will start using the Maybach nameplate on its stretched ultra-luxurious W222 S-Class variant. A new report from our friends at Motoring Australia however, suggests that the German carmaker ...
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