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Daniel Wong | October 21, 2014
In a celebration for cars, and in the spirit of ‘The Thrill of Driving’, we at Malaysian EVO would like to announce that from now on, you can reward yourself with a 6-month subscription of Malaysian EVO magazine with the ...
Gerard | October 21, 2014
One-make racing series is a wonderful thing. A bunch of racers being competitive in cars which are similar in terms of power and performance where the only thing that separates the victors from the rest of the pack is the ...
Gerard | October 21, 2014
Isuzu makes pickup trucks that are tough. How tough they are is reflected in their yearly participation of Asia’s most gruelling 4x4 challenge, the Borneo Safari. The 2014 edition of the event brings the Japanese automotive maker back to the jungles ...
Gerard | October 21, 2014
In conjunction with the Deepavali celebration tomorrow, the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) is offering discounts on toll rates and rebates to motorists. ...
Chris Aaron | October 21, 2014
In a recent discussion with Proton’s chief technical officer, Abdul Rashid Musa, he revealed to us that apart from the electric/ hybrid power potential of the Iriz we reported on earlier, and the likely R3 Iriz to come, rolling out new internal combustion ...
Hans | October 21, 2014
Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) is still actively considering several more models for local assembly at its partner DRB-Hicom's plant in Pekan, Pahang, said Managing Director Armin Keller. In addition to that,, the company is looking to test the market with ...
Gerard | October 21, 2014
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak met with Joko Widodo within hours after Indonesia’s seventh president was sworn in and discussions between the two premiers led to an idea of a possible collaboration to produce an “Asean car”. ...
Gerard | October 20, 2014
In conjunction with the upcoming Deepavali celebration, 20 volunteers from UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd went out of their way to provide 48 children from Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Seribu Harapan in Klang with a special shopping treat. ...
Lingkesh | October 20, 2014
Looks like Edaran Tan Chong Motor is planning to get some market share off the successful Toyota Hiace by introducing its latest commercial van, the NV350 here. Thanks our reader Kelvin, here is a spyshot of the new Nissan NV350 ...
Gerard | October 20, 2014
The Russians aren’t fooling around when it comes to occupant safety. They understand the importance of ensuring the safety and privacy of their VIPs. So much so that they’ve created a monster of a heavy-duty armoured SUV, the Dartz Prombron ...
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